Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Alexandria - Title was appropriate

Text was relevant and east to follow

Meri - Defensive Driving Course

Took the course in a couple of hours. Easy reading, and even learned a few new things. I liked that this course had a reader, but it was computerized, so I didn't like the voice or the sound bc it was distracting! None of the videos worked at all. Said they were corrupted. Highly recommend.

chandler - course review

Easy program and it was a breeze to fly through and easy final

Aaron - great course

easy to use and great interface. i recommend using windows instead of mac os

Keasha - Amazing Course

I took the course to receive a discount on my insurance. was well worth it. Very informative, easy to follow and great questions. Highly recommend.

Karen - Georgia Defense Driving Course

It’s an easy, quick reading and learned a lot of different things.  Loved going at own paste where I can stop & pick up another day.

Victoria - GDDC

Easy to read and understand

Tenisha - Excellent

This course was refresher for me after being a licensed holder for 25 plus years.

Sergio - Georgia Defense Driving Course

Very Easy to understand and complete

Kevin - Corse review

Overall great experience with the criteria

Gina L - Simply, affordable course

Knocked out my requirement quickly for a driving violation and this was the most affordable option I found.

Thomas - Tom - Great

Easy to use.

Marcelo - Great Info

Easy to learn test

Jackson - Good Knowledge and Reminds

The course had great information that is useful and serves as good reminders for all drivers. The videos are a little outdated but still serve the purpose.

Desiree - Great

Great course easy to understand and complete



Divya - Georgia Defensive Driving Course


Nieka - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very helpful

Emma - Defensive Drving Course

Very informative and helpful.  Good refresher.

Teresa - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative & helpful

Kevin - Casey - Defensive Driving Course

Very helpful and informational

Grace - Defensive Driving course

very easy and simple to learn!

Jaylon - Traffic Violation

Fast, simple, and straightforward

Jarontez - Review

Very helpful and informational

Lenuta - good test

very good and easy to undestand

Dylan - Dylan review

This was a awesome course

Katherine - Defensive driving course

Very helpful and informational

Joselyn - ddc

it was very understanding and notes was well needed

Damion - Defensive Driving course

Very Informative

Michael - Driver Defensive Course

Well organized and presented course.  Broad information in an easy and fact-driven manner; quizzes are directly related to the course structure and content.
Found it to be interesting and informative!

Gavin - Defensive Driving Course Review

This course was great. It covered most necessities. The ability to work on the course at your own leisure is great feature. Highly recommend to anyone who is try to become a better driver, dispute an action in court, or just to lower your car insurance. 10/10

hannah - hannah

this was a great program to be apart of not hard at all

Gladys - Defensive Driving Course

very informative and useful

Dion - great


Andrea - Defensive Course

Very informative

rosette - was easy

it was long but very easy

Camilo - Good

Good. Simple.

PATRICK C - Defensive Driving Course Review

This course helped me to properly identify Georgia driving rules. Formerly a NY city resident, I'm familiar with most driving rules, but the Georgia rules have a few more important lessons to learn.

Ileana - Great Refresher

I am using it for my insurance but I did find it great refresher training, which we all can use.  There were some areas of the content that I heard of but never saw in writing...other areas I did not know.  Great training for all!

Lina - Great course!

It was a great refresher to review topics on safe driving. Very easy to maneuver though the quizzes I recommend everyone take this course if they drive every few years.

Stephen - Defensive driving course


Derriana - Nice

Very thorough information

CHERYL - Defensive Driving Course

Great and easy to use.

Onique - Excellent

The process and instructions were clear I enjoyed the course while learning.

Charlotte - Defensive driving

Very hood. Informative. Easy to follow

Janiah - Very informational and great course material!

It is very convenient to be able to do it at your own pace. If you did driver's ed online, it is like that but more in-depth and focuses more on being a safe and defensive driver. I would highly recommend this course!

Blanca - Defensive Driving course

Easy to follow with very beneficial information

Delana - 10 out of 10

It was organized and easy to follow.

Charlene - Defensive driving course

I just wanted to take this to get lower payments on my insurance but it’s always good to re-educate yourself. I’m glad I did because there were things that I didn’t remember.

David - David - recommend this in the future

Easy to navigate, read, and comprehend.  Learned a few new driving tips and important road safety facts.

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