Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Elizabeth - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

This was an excellent course. Provided a clear listening device. Course quizzes every now and then. It was simple and easy. Right on point!

Dixie - Just what I needed

Loved it

Maria - that was easy

this was very easy

Craig - Drug and Alcohol Course

The price was good, also the refresher was very knowledgeable.

penny - thanks

price is good it was long but it was read along so i liked it

Ivan - Worth the money

Course was easy to navigate and understand.

Jeremias - It’s awesome

Everything was good experience

Trevor - Awesome

Easy Test because the website had great info easy to understand.

Alanis - Excellent

Even if the course is really long, the explanations are clear. As an international student I found it really easy to understand!

Mikayla - Drug and Alcohol Course

Its great! Its very informative and easy to understand!

Jaden - Jaden-Course Review


Jandel - Great

Great test

Klever - Klever-Drug and Alcohol Course

Good but long course.

Victoria - great course

very informative and esay to understand and navegate

Charlene - Very well organized and easy to understand.

Being cheaper than some of the other options, this course is very smooth, easy to read, and well put together. I will certainly recommend this to others!

Brianna - good course

It was a fast course and easy to understand

Raquel - TLSAE Course

great course

Amanda - good coarse

good coarse

Zoe - it's straight forward


Reginald - Reginald

Great intellectual driving course.

bobaya - Great Course

easy to navigate very informative as well

Melody - Drug and Alcohol Course

Straightforward, easy, and certified by the state. This was the most affordable course I found

Anthony - Drug and Alcohol Course

It was a decent size course. It mainly depends upon common sense.

Sandra - Drug and alcohol course

Long but overall easy and helpful course

Jacob - Drug and alcohol course

Easy to learn what you need to learn


Learned new stuff

Kamia - Drug and Alchohol Course

It was a very good but challenging experience.

Kyle - Drug and Alcohol Course

It was very fast and easy

Tyra - Tyra - Pretty Useful

Quick, easy, and simple. Super helpful.

Miley - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

It was a easy and fun review.

CASON - Great

It was a Great course

Michael - Good.

This was informative.

Veren - Drug and alcohol course

I do enjoy taking this test. I am happy I passed it
The course was very informative

Carrie - Thumbs Up Course! Drug and Alcohol Course.

Good, Effective. Thank-You!

Clarissa - TLSAE Course

The course was very efficient and informative. I am glad I could work on it at my own pace with my hectic life. 10/10 I would recommend this course to others who have to take it.

Johnny - Good

Easy to read and comprehend

Mekhi - Mekhi- drug and alcohol course

Took a while but I passed

Juliana Antonella - Drug and alcohol course

very interesting

joshua - joshua- drug and alcohol test

great experience

Daniel - Drug and Alcohol course

Good overall

Isabella - Great experience

I was able to take the course at my own pace and work through it smoothly. The pop quizzes helped me stay on track, and the final exam was no problem! 10/10 recommend this course if you distract easily or if you have to perform multiple tasks at the same time, it really helps you stay on track and interested.

Andrea - Tlsae review

I am so happy I passed this test! Thank you for having a great course available online.

Yenifer - Certificate

yes i did like the course and it was very informative.
Once my son needs his certificate I will definitely have him take this course. Thank you

Amanda - Good course overall

I have ADD and it was a little hard to stay focused but the fact that I could take short breaks and come back to it was super helpful.

Nadine - Drug and Alcohol Course

Learned Alot

Kiley - Florida Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Reading the texts and watching the videos took a long time but in the end they were extremely helpful.

Eri'Yonna - Amazing work!!

Very fun and educational!

Eliezer - Effective course

Very good!

Vidya Sree - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

Very clear and informative course.

Alexis - Absolutely amazing course

This was so helpful. I highly recommend. I passed the exam my first try. It covers everything.

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