Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Tomas - My review

It was really helpful and it wasn’t that hard

Rina - Great

Finished the whole course within 2 days. Very informative and eye opening!

Reese - overall

it was good

Giah - Giah

Absolutely amazing, super easy and explains everything really good. Pretty decent.

Desmond - Desmond

Good Course affordable for every teen that is wanting to get there license

Jersey - excelente curso


John - Fantastic Program

This program was so easy for me to use, which is great because I haven't driven for a while and have to retake my permit due to it expiring.

HELIANE - Heliane

Great i did in one day

Sara - Sara

good information

Bryce - It was a breaz

The final test was a little difficult but worth it.

Cameron - Great Course

The course all throughout was great and well-paced giving opportunity to knowledge in order to grow with every lesson as illuminating as the next.

Melvin - Melvin


jaxon - W

This was great took me a day

Lula - Good!

It was a little frustrating. But after going through all the subjects I feel ready to get my Learners Permit.

Jake - ok


Ian - Good information

Thorough information about impairment and substance abuse and its consequences on public safety.

Malaya - Amazing Course

This course was fantastic! I was able to learn a lot and be more cautious and safe.

Jerrica - Done


lamont - i passed


Anthony - TLSAE&C

Not too shabby

Luke - simple format

didn’t take too long

Victor - I did it

I passed

Analiese - tis good

It is good


This is excellent! I am glad I chose NHSA!

Caden - Drug and Alcohol Course Review

It was a great and learning experience. I feel ready and comfortable to get my permit now!

Sanyris - Great Course

Was not too hard.

Aleyna - Test

Took awhile but taking it online helped relieve my anxiety

Arianna - drug and alcohol

it was great

Joseph - FL Traffic Law SAEC

Learned a lot

Daimarys - Daimarys


Cameron - cameron


Jean Paul - Videos

La carga de los videos es muy lenta. Ademas, son videos muy viejos y largos. Podían refrescarlos.



danielle - passed


Avrohom Chaim - Law substance abuse

Very informative and clear ! Liked the videos

Amanda - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This was so informative

Davina - I passed

I’m surprised I passed the 1st time. Information was made pretty clear!

Ana - Important

Helped me to learn the law regarding subastance abuse and other driving information.

Jade - Great

useful info

Diego - Passed


Paige - Nice

Glad I get to do it online but my goodness it took a while.

Victor - Test

It was a good test.

Judith - >:(

made me wanna cry

Shuntell - GOOD

It was good

Briona - helped ig

pretty good, cheapest around. thanks :)

Ian - Amazing

Great lessons and I could finished this at my own pace

Landon - Drug and Alcohol Course

Great, Very thorough

Thomas - Really good

Helped understand a lot

Shelby - Great for learning the protection and safety of our childeren

You learn alot about the dangers and risks of driving any where at any time, and children learn more about the risks of ruining their familys or involved family lives and sets them more into being a carful driver

Timothy - Good


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